What Causes High Cholesterol

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Factors causing high cholesterol in my previous post I have explained so clearly. After knowing the above, it helps you also know what causes high cholesterol? There are many things that cause or trigger the onset of high cholesterol in the blood. The cause is often the case for an increase in cholesterol levels is the intake of food that contains a lot of saturated fat, unhealthy lifestyle and balanced diet, wrong lifestyle and bad habits into your daily routine.

Knowing what causes high cholesterol is in need. Why is that? You do not underestimate high cholesterol. Get to know as early as possible causes of high cholesterol. Because high cholesterol is a trigger for heart disease and stroke. Start from now you to pay attention to your health, especially cholesterol problems. If you’ve noticed, useless regret later.

What Causes High Cholesterol

What causes high cholesterol? The main cause is because of the food. But, in addition to food there are also other causes that need to know:

  1. Smoke. Smoking reduces HDL and increases LDL levels.
    Nicotine and carbon monoxide accelerate the accumulation of cholesterol and narrowing of arterial walls. This led to the formation of clots that can block blood flow to the heart or brain, causing heart attack or stroke.
  2. Weight loss. Excess weight causes a lot of bad effects on health. Being overweight may increase triglycerides and lower HDL. Weight excess fat accumulate in heart cells, or commonly known as high triglyceride levels. This is what triggers the destruction of cells in the heart that results in disruption of the heart in pumping blood. In addition, obesity also makes your blood vessels by fat buried. If that is buried in the blood vessels of the heart, of course, will make the blood vessels stiff, then creates a protein that triggers inflammation evil in the vasculature. It is then ended in coronary heart disease.
  3. Rarely sports. People who rarely exercise will be an increase in saturated fatty acids in the body system and can lead to increased cholesterol levels.
  4. Daily food. Foods that contain a lot of saturated fat can cause high cholesterol, so it is advisable to wisely consume everyday foods to avoid excess. Begin to organize a healthy diet and balanced.
  5. Age and sex. Cholesterol levels growing niche to be higher after reaching the age of 20 years. In men, cholesterol levels typically continued to improve once the age of 50 years. in girls, can keep cholesterol levels down at menopause, once out that cholesterol tends to be high as in men.
  6. Factors Descendants. The disease can occur due to unhealthy lifestyle and hereditary factors. For example, one of your family members have a problem with high cholesterol, then be aware that the risk of having high cholesterol can also occur.

However, the core of the above problems can be overcoming if you are getting a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. So what causes high cholesterol as above can be overcoming.