Simple Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

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This is a simple ways to lower cholesterol naturally. In the age of modern department such as this, many people who want to achieve something in a quick chill. While there are effects that occur when making way. One such way is about health. How important it is to live a healthy, many people end up doing as I said above. For example, about how to lower cholesterol. Much has been done by people with high cholesterol to lower it in a fast way. Maybe the way is done because you want to quickly see the results. Then succeeded or not? it’s a lot of questions that need to be answered. Despite the fact there are simple ways to lower cholesterol naturally. But on this occasion I will share to you how simple it is.


Simple Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally
How to lower cholesterol naturally is simple as what you need to do. If you are a person with high cholesterol, you should be wary too. Currently, almost half of all American adults have high cholesterol. Actually, not all cholesterol is bad. Although your body produces its own cholesterol and used for important functions, such as producing cells and certain hormones. But too much cholesterol in the blood is not good for the body. Well, a simple ways to lower cholesterol naturally like this you need to consider.
4 Simple ways to lower cholesterol naturally:

1.  Diet
Actually, a simple way to lower cholesterol naturally is easy to do if you know what foods that include high cholesterol. That is, with you avoid or limit it to eat the meal.
Examples of foods high in cholesterol:
•    Eggs, good egg chickens, ducks, including the highest quail.
•    Seafood such as shrimp, squid, lobster, crab, and so on.
•    Brain, brain cows or goats. Cow brain is very high.
•    Offal goat, that goat meat without weak, was relatively low.
•    Cow’s milk, especially cow’s milk creams.
The most important of number 1 above are for high cholesterol foods, should be avoided, while the middle or low should still be restricted according to the condition of our bodies. If you can avoid it totally, it is better, especially for those who have very high cholesterol.
This is a good way to lower cholesterol and for overall health. Take regular exercise, consistent and gradual. Then gradually increased its share in accordance with the ability of our body. Or should you air exercise with the guidance of a fitness expert. Exercise is a healthy activity and protect you from various diseases. For those who have high cholesterol, exercise is key to lowering cholesterol that has no effect on cardiac function.

3. Bruise
From the results, cupping can lower cholesterol by 82 mg / dl. For that, you can do it regularly at least 1 month. This method is removing the bad blood and that there are blockages in the flow of blood, when the blood becomes smooth then automatically becomes normal blood flow. And when the circulation, will be protected from various diseases.
4. Natural Medicines
Actually, many natural or herbal medicines circulating around you. Which of course each of these drugs have properties that are listed in the box that can lower cholesterol. Choose carefully, or you can consult with your health care professional about how to choose a natural remedy appropriately.
A simple way to lower cholesterol naturally by fruits and plants :
a.    Lemon
This fruit is known to have a wide range of benefits for health. One is to reduce levels of cholesterol or fat levels in the blood.
How to do it:

  1. Choose fresh lemon and rinse with clean
  2. Cut the lemon into quarters, then thinly sliced. Enter the last slice into the glass.
  3. Sliced lemon slices earlier is complete with its skin
  4. Pour the hot water until it is full, then cover tightly
  5. Wait about 30 minutes, then drink it down
  6. Do it regularly, twice a day morning and evening

Based on the research, lemon peel contains oils that are useful for health. In addition, lime is not cause pain in the stomach.

b.    Noni
Noni fruit as a herbal medicine course, already known for a long time. But did you know that the benefits of this fruit has been scientifically proven? Based on research in the United States proves that the noni fruit contains substances that can help lower blood cholesterol levels. High levels of bad cholesterol in the blood is usually triggered by poor diet and high stress levels. In addition to lowering cholesterol, noni fruit also proved lethal to cancer cells in the body before it spreads. For it is a simple way to lower cholesterol naturally you can do

c.    Pomegranates.
A study by the National Academy of Sciences (USA) showed that pomegranate juice reduces cholesterol plaque buildup and increases the production of nitric oxide, which helps reduce arterial plaque

d.    Red Wine
There have been many studies that prove the consumption of red wine in moderation is good for health. One of them, a 2000 study that showed moderate consumption of red wine is served to increase the levels of good cholesterol. With antioxidants, red wine also helps lower bad cholesterol.

e.    Avocado and spinach
Prepare 500 grams and 200 grams of avocado spinach, 400 ml of water, 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, and 25 grams of sugar. Spinach leaves first boiled with 400 ml of water until the remaining water to 200 ml, and then enter the avocado and blend until smooth. Then filtered, combine sweetened condensed milk and brown sugar that has been diluted. Prior to taking input first input to the refrigerator. The day is 1 cup.

f.    Apples
A medium-sized apple contains about 4 grams of soluble fiber that helps lower bad cholesterol, or about 17 percent of the recommended intake for a daily menu. That is, the consumption of an apple a day can help keep heart and blood vessel health

g.    Tomatoes
For a simple way to lower cholesterol naturally with these tomatoes you can try. A compound in tomatoes is lycopene, the most useful. Lycopene is a natural antioxidant vital. Studies have proven that tomatoes are not only effective in preventing cancer but also prevents heart disease and high cholesterol.

A variety of simple ways to lower cholesterol naturally with either herbs or fruits and plants I’ve described. Maybe useful.