Normal Triglyceride Level to Know Safe Level of Cholesterol

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If all this time you see cholesterol as something that is bad for your body’s health, meet the normal triglyceride level, the safe level of the well-known cholesterol. You might not be too familiar with this substance but this is yet another substance you can find in your body and the difference of this from cholesterol is that HDL won’t clog your blood vessel and has a good effect for your body. Let us know this substance better here.

Normal Triglyceride Level of HDL, Good Natured Cholesterol

Normal triglyceride level

Normal Triglyceride Level

The HDL is actually another type of cholesterol. But this time, it is good-natured. Just like the cholesterol, it resides in our blood flow. The difference is, this HDL removes all the bad cholesterol as it crushes all along the blood vessels. If there is any cholesterol clogging the blood vessel, if you have enough HDL, the HDL will crush the clogging cholesterol along its path. So you can say that the HDL is the counter measurement of hyperlipidemia. The more HDL you have in your blood flow, the less heart disease risk you have.

The Composition of the Good Substance in Normal Triglyceride Level

This normal triglyceride level consists of cholesterol which is surrounded by lipoprotein. This composition is very good for crushing the molecule of cholesterol which is very strongly bound together that even water can’t dissolve it. This lipoprotein actually acts as a medium of the cholesterol to travel from one place to another. The lack of lipoprotein is what causes the cholesterol to turn immobile and end up clogging blood vessel and cause various malfunctions of the body organs. When the body has the sufficient lipoprotein, the HDL will increase and reach the sufficient amount. If there is any cholesterol clogging the blood vessel, with enough lipoprotein, the protein will wrap itself around the cholesterol, and then lifts the cholesterol away from the blood vessel wall. This is the best way to remove the clogging cholesterol.

So, the normal level of HDL you have to have in your blood flow is 60 mmol per liter or more. If you have less than that, that is the early indication that you do not have enough lipoprotein in your body. This will lead to hyperlipidemia or the condition where you have too much cholesterol in your blood that it starts to clog your blood vessel. Before that happens, you need to keep up with your exercise and diet of healthy food.

Following normal triglyceride level diet is a good way to get normal triglyceride range while reducing your cholesterol. You can start by of course avoiding junk food and meals that have too much fat in it. And then, start eating vegetables. Bean is a good protein source that is other than meat. And, when you want to eat meat, make sure that you choose the meat that has less to none fat on it. And, make sure that you do not grill it or fry it because that will increase the cholesterol in it. You can increase your normal triglyceride level with simple ways.