Lifestyle Changes to Lower Cholesterol

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You already know not, if high cholesterol can lead to risk for heart disease or heart attack. You can reduce cholesterol by the doctor. You can actually reduce cholesterol without medicine. That is by changing lifestyle. Although you may still be taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, but lifestyle changes can still be done and can even help improve the effectiveness of the drug. Therefore, lifestyle changes to lower cholesterol you can see below. As I quoted from

5 Lifestyle Changes to lower cholesterol:

Lifestyle Changes to Lower Cholesterol1. Lose excess weight
Overweight are at risk although only a few pounds to improve cholesterol levels. So any attempt to lose excess weight, although only 3-5 pounds can help lower cholesterol levels.

2. Regular exercise
Regular exercise is very good for anyone, whether they’re looking to lose weight or who have a normal weight. Moderate exercise done regularly can help increase levels of HDL is good for the body. It is advisable to exercise every day for 30-60 minutes, unless your doctor recommends another.

3. Eat healthy foods
Food consumed greatly affect cholesterol levels. Limit foods high in fat such as bowel, red meat or whole milk, choose fish high in omega-3, the chicken or the products of legumes as a source of protein. Beware of trans fats also are fats that are not visible are typically found in margarine and pastries. When you choose to consume wheat products made from whole grains for fiber content good for the body. Most important is the consumption of vegetables and fruits are sufficient, for vegetables and fruits there is no maximum limit, if necessary, replace a snack of chips or cookies are plain with fresh fruit or vegetables.

4. Stop smoking
When a person stops smoking, the levels of HDL in the body will increase. Another advantage is that about 20 minutes after quitting, blood pressure will go down and within 24 hours the risk for heart attack will also come down. Within 1 year risk for heart disease becomes half of smokers and within 15 years the risk of heart disease will be the same with those who never smoked.

5. Drinking alcohol on a limited basis
Although there have been studies that show an association between drinking alcohol with increased levels of HDL in the body, but the benefits are not great so it’s not recommended, especially for those who have never drank alcohol before. For those who consume alcohol, it is advisable to restrict its use to only about 1 drink per day for women or two drinks a day for men.

Sometimes lifestyle changes to lower cholesterol  such as those mentioned above are not quite as desired. But you should not despair and persevere easy lifestyle changes as above. It is sometimes the results are not immediately visible. When you need to consult a doctor to get medication that can help lower cholesterol levels.