How Much Cholesterol per Day to Keep Us Healthy

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Controlling how much cholesterol per day in order to keep ourselves healthy is indeed important. Though the high cholesterol level often occurs when one reaches the age of 60 years old, based on some studies, heart attacks and stroke can be happening to anyone in any age. But what makes such diseases caused by cholesterol occur?

Our body systems actually need cholesterol. It is a part of animal fats, which is required to construct or maintain membranes. In the membranes itself, cholesterol has this function as intracellular transport, nerve conduction, and cell signaling. The ratio of cholesterol and polar lipids build the body’s stability and permeability, and the membrane’s protein mobility, which are categorized as the major function of cholesterol as a protective barrier. Nevertheless, those functions mentioned are the function of cholesterol which is produced by the liver and other cells in the blood streams, which is called natural cholesterol or good cholesterol. If the level is rising too high, then that excessive calories are considered as bad calories. The excessiveness of calories can cause a clump on the walls of the arteries, and form plaques. This plaque might stick on the blood streams and lead one to stroke, and even heart attack.

However, the occurrence of heart attack and stroke can be reduced, and even avoided, by considering the calories that we need in every day. You can do the below’s easy steps as your low cholesterol diet.


How Much Cholesterol per Day: Diet Plan

How much cholesterol per day

How much cholesterol per day

According to some health experts, the number of dietary cholesterol we should limit per day is 300 mg. In addition to dietary cholesterol, we should also bind the saturated fat under 10 percent of the total calories and keep the trans fat as little as it is possible, because both of them can increase cholesterol levels. In your diet plan, list food that are rich in fiber. Five to ten grams of fiber, which contains in the vegetables, everyday will decrease the intake of bad cholesterol. If you love eggs, then try not to cook the whole egg but only its egg-white. You may consume yogurt, mozzarella, cheddar, provolone, and part skim ricotta as low fat dairy consumption. Fish is also a good food to consume because it contains less saturated fat, yet good protein for health.


How Much Cholesterol per Day: Cholesterol in Meat

Even though cholesterol is identical with meats, as long as you limit your cholesterol consumption to 300 mg per day, you actually don’t have to avoid consuming it. Here is some information about how much cholesterol that in the meat for your information.

The brisket of beef contains 80 mg of cholesterol, while the top round is 75 mg, and beef sausage is 40 mg. For poultry, chicken breasts contain 60 mg of cholesterol, drumstick, thigh, and wings have over 100 mg, and the gizzard’s cholesterol is 235 mg. One cut of pork contains 100 mg of cholesterol, while bacon contains 80 mg. Hopefully, after knowing the amount of cholesterol is needed for our body, you can keep how much cholesterol per day in its number so that it is the healthy life that awaits you in the future.