Healthy Cholesterol Levels, we must know

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Many people do not realize when they feel having a healthy body, not or forgot to control his health. Many reasons could be used for example no, not yet because of the cost, and so on. Though the preventive health check is that it is easier and cheaper than treatment. One that is often overlooked is a cholesterol check at a check-up of blood. Routine check up of blood needed to keep our blood cholesterol levels safely. Therefore, how healthy cholesterol levels that are what we need to know. And, we need to know the ideal cholesterol level is needed, so that we will know what efforts we should do in the future.

Healthy Cholesterol Levels

So what do we do to find healthy cholesterol levels? One of the ways that we can do to keep safe cholesterol levels is to perform regular blood tests. With regular checkups, cholesterol we could always be recorded. Things that must be considered in the results of medical check-ups include:

Total Cholesterol Levels
Less than 200 mg / dL                        : Normal
200-239 mg / dL                                  : normal-height limit
More than 240 mg / dL                      : High

Conclusion: People who have a total cholesterol level 240 mg / dL or greater risk of developing coronary heart disease double that of those with normal cholesterol levels. If you have a high total cholesterol level, you should immediately change your lifestyle.

Levels for LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein)
Less than 100 mg / dL                        : Optimal
100-129 mg / dL                                  : Near optimal
130-159 mg / dL                                  : highest normal limit
160-189 mg / dL                                  : High
More than 190 mg / dL                      : Very high

Conclusion:  If too much bad cholesterol, cholesterol accumulates in the walls of arteries and cause blockages of arteries (atherosclerosis). The lower the levels of LDL, the lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Risk factors for heart disease and stroke more high LDL determine how we should be and what treatment is right for us. For example, if we have heart disease or diabetes, the LDL cholesterol should be 100 mg / dL or less. To find out how the target LDL level you should consult with your doctor.

Levels of HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein)
Less than 50 mg / dL (women) or 40 mg / dL (men)      : Normal
More than 60 mg / dL                                                             : High

Conclusion: The higher the HDL level, the better for us, because it serves to bring the HDL cholesterol in the blood back to the heart.

Triglyceride levels
Less than 150 mg / dL                             : Normal
150-199 mg / dL                                       : Normal limits – high
200-499 mg / dL                                      : High
Equal to or more than 500 mg/dL       : Very high

Conclusion: Triglycerides are a type of fat in the blood that are useful as an energy source. When you eat more than the body needs, the excess calories will be stored as triglycerides in fat cells for later use. Normal levels of triglycerides in the body is necessary. Triglycerides 150 mg / dL or more is one of the risk factors of metabolic syndrome that increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and others.

Therefore, by knowing the healthy cholesterol levels, it will be useful for us now and in the future is not it? Maybe useful.