Diet To Lower Triglycerides

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Triglycerides are one of the particles that carry fat around the body. Basically Fats are divided into LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein), HDL (High Density Lipoprotein), and triglycerides. Triglycerides are highly influential in the development of heart disease, which until now studies reveal that the workings of triglycerides as a risk factor is not clear.

Compared to the three kinds of cholesterol, triglyceride particles is different from than the two other particles. Triglycerides are one of the particles that carry fat around the body. Only about 20 percent of triglyceride particles composed of cholesterol. Contribution of triglycerides on the development of heart disease is less clear, compared to the role of LDL and HDL were more certain. Normal levels of triglycerides produced by the body should be below 150 mg / dL.

This is the Diet To Lower Triglycerides

Diet To Lower TriglyceridesHow to lower triglycerides? “Recipes” old familiar we do is diet, exercise, and weight loss. Unlike other diets, diet program to decrease triglyceride selected type of diet is not a low-fat diet. This may seem the opposite of what we think. Primary particle of triglycerides are fats, while triglycerides has mostly come from food sources of carbohydrates than fat. Except in situations where very high triglyceride levels (usually genetically determined), triglycerides efficient in storing energy particles.

Excess carbohydrates in the body will turn into triglycerides make the storage of fat in the body increases. So when we have excess carbohydrates or higher levels of insulin, triglycerides tend to rise. This is the reason why the low-fat diet (which is almost always high in carbohydrates) would be counterproductive in this case.

The question, “what is the appropriate type of diet to lower triglycerides?”

The answer is low in saturated fat high-fiber, calorie-controlled diet. Just keep in mind that low-fat does not mean low in saturated fat. A diet low in saturated fat include encouraging the consumption of olive oil, coconut oil, fish, or oils derived from nuts and seeds. Low-carb diets will work well in patients with high triglycerides, but for optimal health, there should be a limit to the consumption of saturated fats. A high intake of saturated fat is often overlooked side-effect of many low-carb diets. Hopefully this article on diet to lower triglycerides above is useful.