Artichoke Extract Cholesterol – More FAQs!

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Did you ever hear about artichoke extract cholesterol? As the name implies, it is made from a plant called artichoke. It also has other a lot of alternative names, such as Cardoon, ALE, Cynara, and Artichaut. The root, leaf, and even steam of this plant can be used to create a powerful extract-supplement to treat some health conditions, including for lowing cholesterol.

Many experts believe that the high concentration of some good chemicals found in the artichoke can be used to stimulate and promote good flow of bile that comes from liver. For this reason, it may also be effective to help improve the heartburn symptoms. What else you need to know?

Artichoke Extract CholesterolHow does artichoke extract cholesterol work?

Some studies found that certain chemicals found in artichoke may also help reduce excessive gas in the intestines (bloating), stomach pain, spasms, and even nausea & vomiting.

And for the point of view for the effectiveness of this supplement to lower cholesterol, there is also adequate scientific evidence that confirm this issue. Consuming a specific supplement of artichoke extract that more purposed to help control cholesterol level (such as ‘Valverde Artischocke’) can modestly lower LDL (bad cholesterol).

Nevertheless, there is still no clearly answer of how the chemicals from artichoke help lower cholesterol, according to Mayo Clinic.

How about the effectiveness of this supplement for other health problems?

While this supplement have been confirmed can help treat some problems that affect stomach and lower LDL, its effectiveness for other health conditions such as for irritable bowel syndrome (spastic colon), anemia, hypertension /high blood pressure, anemia, kidneys & liver problems, or other conditions is still debatable.

According to a research published in the guideline for vitamin and supplement of WebMD, the use of a different specific leaf extract of artichoke decreased the chance of the occurrence of spastic colon symptoms in patients who also have heartburn problem by about 26 percent.

In another research, taking specific leaf extract of artichoke (such as Hepar-SL forte) may help reduce the chance of some irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms (such as constipation, bloating, & pain of abdomen) to flare up.

However the use of this supplement to manage the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome is not approved yet by FDA.

In addition, there is also an opinion that this supplement can help reduce the risk of alcohol-hangover. But in fact, there is still no sufficient scientific evidence to confirm this issue. Even some experts believe that it may be ineffective to prevent alcohol-hangover.

Are there any side effects of artichoke-extract cholesterol?

While this supplement can help improve bloating and gas problem in the gut, but sometime the opposite occurs – it may cause intestinal gas problem, particularly in people who have a personal history of certain digestive problem. Moreover if you are allergic to daisies, marigolds, or other similar plants for herbs –some allergic reactions may occur after taking this supplement.

Who should avoid this supplement?

Not all people are safe and allowed to take artichoke-extract cholesterol. If you have one or some of the following conditions, you should avoid it:

  1. Problems related with gallstones. Some chemicals in the artichoke may worsen gallstones since they can increase the flow of bile. If you wonder whether this supplement is safe enough for your body though you have gallstone problem, ask your doctor first to keep safe.
  2. Having certain allergy, particularly allergy to ragweed.
  3. Having bile-duct-flow problem. Since artichoke can trigger the increased flow of bile, it may make the existence of bile duct obstruction get worse.
  4. Being pregnant! There is less information about the link of artichoke’s side effects and pregnancy. But generally, pregnant women are not allowed to use this supplement! It also should be avoided if you are exclusively breastfeeding your baby.

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